Evaluation of a Structured Onboarding Process and Tool for Faculty Members in a School of Pharmacy.

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DOI: 10.5688/ajpe7100; PMCID: PMC6718493


Objective. To develop and assess the usefulness of a structured onboarding process and tool at a school of pharmacy to improve the overall onboarding experience for new faculty members. Methods. An assessment of a previously existing, informal onboarding process was conducted from January 1 to February 28, 2017. A structured onboarding tool was developed based on interviews with nine recently hired faculty members regarding their experiences with this legacy, unstructured onboarding process. Nine faculty members who onboarded while the legacy onboarding process was in place and six faculty members who onboarded after the new, onboarding tool was in place were included in the study. The experience of the pre-tool cohort was compared to that of the post-tool cohort. Results. More positive responses in the post-tool cohort were obtained compared to the pre-tool cohort in regard to timeline, expectations, and mentorship. More negative responses for the post-tool group were observed for communication. Overall utility of the onboarding tool changed from 56% (pre-tool group) to 80% (post-tool group). Free text feedback included recommendations to rearrange tasks throughout the onboarding process; clarifying mentor responsibilities and expectations; and providing an overview of the checklist to new faculty members on day 1. Conclusion. Overall, a structured onboarding process tool improved the onboarding experience for new faculty members. Given the lack of literature regarding a structured onboarding process in the academic setting, further refinement and analysis of the onboarding tool is needed.

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American journal of pharmaceutical education





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