Recalibration of cystatin C using standardized material in Siemens nephelometers.

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DOI: 10.1007/s00467-019-04389-2


BACKGROUND: Cystatin C is a key GFR biomarker. Recently, Siemens recalibrated the assay based on certified reference material ERM-DA471/IFCC. The NIH-funded longitudinal chronic kidney disease in children (CKiD) study has > 3000 cystatin C measurements based on a pre-IFCC calibrator provided by Siemens. Since cystatin C values for CKiD are now standardized to IFCC certified reference material, it is important to relate the IFCC-calibrated results to the previous values so that there are no discontinuous results.

METHODS: We diluted cystatin C ERM-DA471/IFCC (5.48 mg/L) into buffer and compared results with predicted ones. We then updated the cystatin C application on our BN II nephelometer to provide results based on pre-IFCC and IFCC calibrations of CKiD specimens simultaneously. We assayed 51 previously analyzed sera and 62 fresh additional specimens.

RESULTS: The predicted concentrations from the IFCC standard were consistently 17% higher than the measured values using the pre-IFCC calibration (y = 1.1686x). Similarly, the re-run and fresh sample concentrations were 17% higher via the IFCC calibration than by the pre-IFCC calibration (y = 1.168x). There was very high reliability in the measurements using the previous calibration for re-run specimens (0.99) and for 33 pristine specimens using IFCC calibration (0.99).

CONCLUSIONS: We confirm the recalibration proposed by Siemens. To convert pre-IFCC results to IFCC-calibrated concentrations, the value is multiplied by 1.17. Conversely, one divides IFCC-calibrated results by 1.17 to estimate GFR via previously published pre-IFCC CKiD eGFR equations. For older adolescents, cystatin C has already been standardized and can be directly applied to the CKD-EPI equations.

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Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany)





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CKiD study; Calibration; Cystatin C; Glomerular filtration rate; Nephelometry; Reference

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