Barriers to Tobacco Cessation for Caregivers of Hospitalized Children: Perspectives of Pediatric Hospitalists.

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DOI: 10.1542/hpeds.2020-0168


OBJECTIVES: Secondhand smoke exposure is associated with adverse health outcomes in children, yet tobacco cessation efforts for caregivers of hospitalized children are lacking. We sought to explore pediatric hospitalists' attitudes and barriers to providing tobacco cessation for caregivers of hospitalized children.

METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional survey of pediatric hospitalists and fellows at 7 hospitals from November 1, 2018, to November 30, 2019. A 70-question anonymous survey was used to assess participants' perceptions of current practices, attitudes, and barriers to providing tobacco cessation support for caregivers of hospitalized children. We used descriptive statistics to summarize the data.

RESULTS: Of 207 eligible participants, 100 responded (48%). A majority (79%) agreed that offering tobacco cessation counseling for caregivers is an important part of their role in caring for hospitalized children, but 79% never received tobacco cessation training. Only half of the participants were comfortable providing brief advice and few were comfortable prescribing nicotine replacement therapy. Identified barriers included lack of time (74%), perceived lack of interest from patients' caregivers (71%), and other medical conditions of the patient taking priority (70%). The majority of participants were interested in further training in tobacco cessation support.

CONCLUSIONS: In this survey of 100 pediatric hospitalists, we found overall agreement that tobacco cessation support for caregivers of hospitalized children is important. However, most participants did not feel comfortable with provision of evidence-based counseling or pharmacotherapy because of identified barriers. Future work should target actionable barriers to improve provision of tobacco cessation support in this clinical setting.

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