Continuous Glucose Monitoring Decreases Hypoglycemia Avoidance Behaviors, but Not Worry in Parents of Youth With New Onset Type 1 Diabetes.

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DOI: 10.1177/1932296820929420


Background: Existing research shows that hypoglycemia fear (HF) is common in parents of children with established type 1 diabetes (T1D). We examined parental HF in the T1D recent-onset period and evaluated whether continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) adoption relates to improved outcomes of parental HF.

Methods: In TACKLE-T1D, a prospective study of five- to nine-year olds with recent-onset T1D, parents completed the Hypoglycemia Fear Survey-Parents (HFS-P) at baseline (T1) and 6 (T2) and 12 (T3) months post-baseline. The HFS-P measures worry about hypoglycemia (HFS-Worry score) as well as hypoglycemia avoidance behaviors (HFS-Behavior score). We recorded CGM start dates for youth during the same time period through medical record review.

Results: Between T1 and T2, 31 youth (32.3%) initiated CGM therapy, and between T2 and T3, an additional 17 youth (17.7%) began using CGM, leaving 48 youth who never initiated CGM therapy (50%) in the recent-onset period. Parents reported moderate HFS-Worry scores at T1 (32.9 ± 11.9), which increased between T1 and T2 (37.6 ± 11.4, P < .001) and plateaued between T2 and T3 (37.7 ± 12.4, P = .89). In contrast, parental HFS-Behavior scores decreased between T1 (33.1 ± 5.8) and T2 (32.2 ± 6.0, P = .005) and plateaued between T2 and T3 (32.2 ± 6.0, P = .95). Baseline HFS-Behavior and Worry scores were associated with increased adoption of CGM between T1-T2 and T2-T3, respectively. Parents of children initiating CGM therapy between T1 and T2 showed the largest decrease in HFS-Behavior (P = .03).

Conclusions: Initiating CGM therapy within the first 12 months of T1D may help reduce parents' use of hypoglycemia avoidance behaviors, but has little effect on parents' hypoglycemia worry.

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J Diabetes Sci Technol





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children; continuous glucose monitors; fear of hypoglycemia; type 1 diabetes

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