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The CDC states that 1,545 infants passed away from SIDS in 2014. Safe sleep includes supine, in a crib, head of bed flat, firm sleep surface, tightly fitted sheet, no loose blankets, no toys or supplies in crib with infant. It is important for nurses to model safe sleep practices in the hospital setting. Current compliance with safe sleep in the Intensive Care Nursery is 50%.

AIM Statement:

By August 1, 2019 we want to increase the compliance of modeling safe sleep behaviors for patients who qualify for safe sleep from 50% to 90% in the Intensive Care Nursery.

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Sudden Infant Death/prevention and control; Intensive Care Units, Neonatal; Infant, Newborn; Quality Improvement; Pediatric Nursing


Safe Sleep Practices; Babies; SIDS


Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities | Critical Care Nursing | Pediatric Nursing


National Healthcare Quality Week

Safe to Sleep in the ICN



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