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Food insecurity, when a household is unable to acquire food for one or more of its members due to insufficient resources, has recently been on the decline in the United States, according to official 2017 USDA reports.

Unfortunately, this decline has not been observed to the same extent in the demographic of households with children.

WIC is a federal assistance program that works to alleviate the poor health outcomes associated with food insecurity in this demographic by providing eligible, enrolled families with nutritional aid and education.

The specific aim of the project is to increase the percentage of maximum potential WIC appointments that are attended to 85% within 9 months, thus improving nutritional health for eligible individuals within the community.

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Food Supply; Social Determinants of Health; Food Assistance; Quality Improvement


Food Insecurity; WIC Program


Maternal and Child Health | Pediatrics


National Healthcare Quality Week

Improving Women, Infants, and Children Participation Using Quality Improvement Methodology



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