Helping Heart Patients, Family, And Staff THRIVE


Helping Heart Patients, Family, And Staff THRIVE


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Michael Smith

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Jami Gross-Toalson, PhD

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In addition to the expert clinical care provided by our Heart Center team, Children’s Mercy also works to provide additional support to our patient and families through our THRIVE program. The THRIVE program focuses on the psycho-social needs of patients, their family members and even the staff members that treat these young patients.

The THRIVE team is made up of social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, chaplains, music therapists, financial counselors, and our palliative care team who are committed to helping everyone involved with their emotional health. This can include helping to create a smooth transition back home by easing fears about returning to school after hospitalization, supporting the emotional well-being of siblings, and providing resources both inside and outside the hospital.

Listen in as Jami Gross Toalson, PhD explains how THRIVE also helps patients and families look towards the future, whether that's going off to college, transitioning to adult care or finding independent living.

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Helping Heart Patients, Family, And Staff THRIVE