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These guidelines do not establish a standard of care to be followed in every case. It is recognized that each case is different and those individuals involved in providing health care are expected to use their judgment in determining what is in the best interests of the patient based on the circumstances existing at the time. It is impossible to anticipate all possible situations that may exist and to prepare guidelines for each. Accordingly, these guidelines should guide care with the understanding that departures from them may be required at times.

Objective of the Guideline

Update providers on appropriate diagnostics and therapy for pediatric patients with streptococcal pharyngitis. The Clinical Practice Guideline will standardize care and improve health outcomes in pediatric patients with streptococcal pharyngitis by establishing care standardization focused on diagnosis, initiation of treatment and proper follow up.

Target Users

Doctors; Advanced Practice Nurses; Direct Care Nurses; Laboratory; Patients and Families

Clinical Questions Answered by Guideline

1) In pediatric patients, are there any valid and reliable clinical scoring of pharyngitis Centor criteria or other criteria?

2) In pediatric patients, how often do adverse side effects occur with antibiotic therapy (Rash, nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea)?

3) In pediatric patients with streptococcal pharyngitis, do oral antibiotics versus intramuscular injections result in faster clinical cure?

4) In pediatric patients with streptococcal pharyngitis, is amoxicillin versus other antibiotics more efficacious for clinical cure?

5) In pediatric patients, what is the incidence of streptococcal pharyngitis under three years of age?

6) In pediatric patients with streptococcal pharyngitis, how soon can patients return to school after starting antibiotics?


Pharyngitis; Streptococcal Pharyngitis; Antibiotics; Antibiotic Therapy




Clinical Practice Guidelines are updated on a revision schedule. Primary files will always be the most current update. Previous revisions are available upon request from Children’s Mercy Library Services.

Finalized/Revised: April 2018; April 2022


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