Implementing a stepwise educational approach for bridging the gap between specialty and primary care for childhood cancer survivors.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11764-020-00878-8


PURPOSE: To create a community of learning involving primary care providers and subspecialist to enhance providers' knowledge regarding care of adult childhood cancer survivors (CCS).

METHODS: A stepwise approach was used to develop educational opportunities for providers. This process started with a local/regional in-person conference, which informed a webinar series, and resulted in the development of enduring material using a dynamic learning management system.

RESULTS: Participants in all three learning platforms had an increase in knowledge from baseline regarding care for adult CCS. Majority of participants at the in-person conference and webinar series were oncology or other specialty providers. The enduring dynamic learning management system successfully reached a variety of providers and other allied health providers across the country. There was a slightly higher rate of participation on this platform by primary care providers of 12.5%.

CONCLUSIONS: Care providers' knowledge of survivorship needs of adult CCS can be increased by multiple forms of instruction. However, the dynamic learning management system was most successful at reaching a broad audience. Advertisement through local and national organizations was not as successful as anticipated. Additional strategies are needed to successfully engage providers, specifically primary care providers (PCPs).

IMPLICATIONS FOR CANCER SURVIVORS: The professional development needs of primary care providers regarding care of adult CCS is well recognized. A dynamic learning management system may represent the most convenient and accessible way to provide education, but new strategies for increasing providers' awareness and engagement are required. The goal of improving care of adult CCS requires increased providers knowledge.

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J Cancer Surviv





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Cancer survivors; Childhood cancer; Late effects; Primary care

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