The conchal butterfly graft in secondary reconstruction of the bilateral cleft lip nasal deformity.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.ijporl.2019.109737


OBJECTIVES: The bilateral cleft nasal deformity is characterized by a short columella and a broad, flattened nasal tip. Secondary correction is challenging and often complicated by skin envelope scarring and hypoplastic alar cartilages. Adequate and durable tip projection requires a procedure that adequately augments the nasal tip and maximizes tip support. We describe a novel technique for secondary correction of this deformity in the immature pediatric population.

METHODS: The conchal butterfly graft technique utilizes a folded cartilage construct to simultaneously increase tip projection and provide tip support. A retrospective review of 19 consecutive patients with bilateral cleft lip who underwent secondary tip rhinoplasty utilizing our technique over a 7-year period was conducted. Charts were reviewed for age at operation, length of follow-up and secondary revision procedures. Pre- and post-operative photographs were compared using two different methods to assess the degree of change and overall aesthetic result. Three plastic surgeons who previously were unfamiliar with the technique independently rated seven nasal tip characteristics. Nasal tip projection (NTP) was then measured objectively by two widely utilized methods: the Goode method and the Baum method-modified by Powell.

RESULTS: Long lasting correction of the bilateral cleft nasal deformity was achieved utilizing this technique in 19 patients over a 7-year period with a mean length of follow-up of 5.4 years. We demonstrate augmented nasal tip projection that approaches ideal relationships from both relative measurement and survey data.

CONCLUSION: The conchal butterfly graft technique is effective for reconstruction of the bilateral cleft nasal deformity, and in our experience, has resulted in long lasting nasal projection and overall improved facial balance.

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International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology



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Adolescent; Child; Cleft Lip; Ear Cartilage; Esthetics; Female; Humans; Male; Nose; Reoperation; Retrospective Studies; Rhinoplasty


Bilateral cleft nasal deformity; Conchal graft; Tip rhinoplasty

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