Transition to Adult IBD Care: A Pilot Multi-Site, Telehealth Hybrid Intervention.

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DOI: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsaa088


OBJECTIVE : Transition to adult IBD care continues to be a challenge. Efficacious models of improving transition to adult care in the United States are lacking. We present data from a pilot, prospective, non-randomized, intervention implemented at IBD centers in the Midwest and Southeast United States.

DESIGN AND METHODS : Adolescents and young adults (AYAs; 16-20 years) with IBD and their parents completed a 4- to 5-month transition program (1 in-person group session; 4 individual telehealth sessions). Primary outcomes were feasibility (i.e., recruitment, retention, fidelity) and acceptability (i.e., program satisfaction). Secondary outcomes were changes in transition readiness, self-management skill acquisition, perceived readiness to transfer to adult care, and disease knowledge.

RESULTS : The study exceeded goals for recruitment (target N = 20; actual: 36) and retention (target: 80%; actual: 86.11%). On average, it took participants 20.91 ± 3.15 weeks to complete our 4- to 5-month intervention and there were no deviations from the study protocol. Participant ratings for overall program satisfaction, perceived helpfulness, and program length and format were positive. Increases in transition readiness, t(30) = 8.30, d = 1.49, p < .001, self-management skill acquisition, t(30) = 3.93, d = 0.70, p < .001, and disease knowledge, t(30) = 8.20, d = 1.58, p < .001 were noted. AYA- and parent-perceived transfer readiness also improved (p's < .05; d's = 0.76-1.68).

CONCLUSIONS : This article presents feasibility and acceptability data for a 4- to 5-month transition intervention. Improvements in AYA transition readiness, self-management skill acquisition, IBD knowledge, and AYA/parent perceived transfer readiness were also observed.

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Journal of pediatric psychology





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Crohn’s disease; adolescent; transfer; ulcerative colitis; young adult

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