Associated injuries in traumatic sternal fractures: a review of the National Trauma Data Bank.

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Sternal fractures occur infrequently with blunt force trauma. The demographics and epidemiology of associated injuries have not been well characterized from a national trauma database. The National Trauma Data Bank was queried for patients with closed sternal fractures. The demographics were analyzed by age, gender, mechanism and indicators of anatomic and physiologic injuries. Types of commonly associated injuries were also determined. A total of 23,985 records were analyzed. Males accounted for 68.3 per cent and whites 70.9 per cent. Motor vehicle crash was the leading mechanism. More than 56 per cent had severe injuries based on Injury Severity Score (greater than 15) and 17 per cent with Glasgow Coma Score 8 or less. Crude mortality was 7.9 per cent. The majority (57.8%) and approximately one-third (33.7%) of the patients had rib fractures and lung contusions, respectively, 22.0 per cent with closed pneumothorax, 21.6 per cent had a closed thoracic vertebra fracture, 16.9 per cent with lumbar spine fracture, 3.9 per cent with concussion, and blunt cardiac injury in 3.6 per cent. Sternal fractures are usually associated with severe blunt trauma. Lung contusion remains the leading associated injury followed by vertebral spine fractures. Cardiac injuries are less frequent and vascular injuries less so. Mechanism of injury and presence of sternal fractures should alert providers to these potential associated injuries.

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The American surgeon





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Accidents; Traffic; Adult; Aged; Brain Concussion; Contusions; Female; Fractures; Bone; Glasgow Coma Scale; Heart Injuries; Humans; Injury Severity Score; Lung Injury; Male; Middle Aged; Multiple Trauma; Pneumothorax; Rib Fractures; Spinal Fractures; Sternum; United States; Wounds; Nonpenetrating


National Trauma Data Bank; NTDB; Sternal Fractures; Traumatic Injuries; Traffic Accident

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