COVID-19 in pediatric kidney transplantation: The Improving Renal Outcomes Collaborative.

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DOI: 10.1111/ajt.16501; PMCID: PMC8013281


There are limited data on the impact of COVID-19 in children with a kidney transplant (KT). We conducted a prospective cohort study through the Improving Renal Outcomes Collaborative (IROC) to collect clinical outcome data about COVID-19 in pediatric KT patients. Twenty-two IROC centers that care for 2732 patients submitted testing and outcomes data for 281 patients tested for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR. Testing indications included symptoms and/or potential exposures to COVID-19 (N = 134, 47.7%) and/or testing per hospital policy (N = 154, 54.8%). Overall, 24 (8.5%) patients tested positive, of which 15 (63%) were symptomatic. Of the COVID-19-positive patients, 16 were managed as outpatients, six received non-ICU inpatient care and two were admitted to the ICU. There were no episodes of respiratory failure, allograft loss, or death associated with COVID-19. To estimate incidence, subanalysis was performed for 13 centers that care for 1686 patients that submitted all negative and positive COVID-19 results. Of the 229 tested patients at these 13 centers, 10 (5 asymptomatic) patients tested positive, yielding an overall incidence of 0.6% and an incidence among tested patients of 4.4%. Pediatric KT patients in the United States had a low estimated incidence of COVID-19 disease and excellent short-term outcomes.

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American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons





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COVID-19; Child; Humans; Incidence; Kidney Transplantation; Prospective Studies; SARS-CoV-2


clinical research/practice; epidemiology; health services and outcomes research; infection and infectious agents; infectious disease; kidney transplantation/nephrology; pediatrics

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