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DOI: 10.33118/oaj.rep.2019.01.003


Osteomyelitis in the neonatal period can be a diagnostic challenge, especially if it is mimicking brachial plexus palsy. We present a unique case of 6-day-old term infant with lethargy and fever diagnosed with Group B Streptococci (GBS) sepsis and meningitis. Few days later, infant developed right arm immobility leading to hematogenous spread of GBS to right humerus, leading to osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. Infant was treated with intravenous Ampicillin for 4 weeks with full arm mobility and full recovery from sepsis and meningitis. This case provides several clinical vignettes that may be crucial in timely diagnosis and treatment of osteomyelitis and septic arthritis that may be useful in avoiding long-term complications.

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OA Journal of Case Reports




Neonatal osteomyelitis, Neonatal sepsis, Brachial plexus palsy, Neonatal fever


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