Brivaracetam in treating epileptic encephalopathy and refractory focal epilepsies in patients under 14 years of age.

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Fall 2021


DOI: 10.22037/ijcn.v15i4.29819


Objectives: To analyze the efficacy and safety of Brivaracetam in pediatric patients with epileptic encephalopathy or unresponsive focal epilepsy.

Materials & Methods: This retrospective study included eight pediatric patients with EE or unresponsive focal epilepsy. Inclusion criteria: (1) ≤14 years, (2) history of refractory epilepsy, (3) at least one month of continuous therapy with BRV, and (4) at least six months of follow-up. Exclusion criteria: (1) variation of concomitant antiepileptic drugs during the previous and/or subsequent four weeks of the BRV introduction, (2) levetiracetam in therapy, (3) epilepsy secondary to the progressive cerebral disease, tumor, or any other progressive neurodegenerative diseases, and (4) a status epilepticus a month before screening or during the baseline period. The efficacy of BRV was defined as ≥50% of seizure frequency reduction at the end of the follow-up, compared to baseline.

Results: All patients showed ≥50% seizure frequency reduction, of whom 37.5% were seizure-free, 25% had a frequency reduction of ≥75%, and 37.5% had frequency reduction of ≥ 50%. All patients with an epilepsy onset >12 months and epilepsy duration of ≤6 years were seizure-free. The maximum effect was achieved at 2 mg/kg/day, and focal seizures revealed a better response than epileptic encephalopathy. A remarkably positive effect of the Brivaracetam was noticed in patients with encephalopathy regarding the status epilepticus during sleep; however, no relevant side-effects were noted.

Conclusion: Brivaracetam was an effective and well-tolerated treatment in pediatric patients with epileptic encephalopathy or unresponsive focal epilepsy, especially for the epilepsy onset >12 months and the epilepsy duration ≤6 years. The total effect was not dose-dependent. Brivaracetam could represent an indication of encephalopathy regarding the status epilepticus during sleep.

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Iran J Child Neurol





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Brivaracetam; Childhood epilepsy; Drug-resistant epilepsy; Epileptic encephalopathy

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