Fellow Entrustment for the Common Pediatric Subspecialty Entrustable Professional Activities Across Subspecialties.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.acap.2021.12.019


OBJECTIVE: To determine the relationship between level of supervision (LOS) ratings for the Common Pediatric Subspecialty Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) with their associated subcompetency milestones across subspecialties and by fellowship training year.

METHODS: Clinical Competency Committees (CCCs) in 14 pediatric subspecialties submitted LOS ratings for 6 Common Subspecialty EPAs and subcompetency milestone levels mapped to these EPAs. We examined associations between these subcompetency milestone levels and LOS ratings across subspecialty training year by fitting per-EPA linear mixed effects models, regressing LOS rating on milestone level and on training year.

RESULTS: CCCs from 211 pediatric fellowship programs provided data for 369 first, 336 second, and 331 third year fellows. Mean subcompetency milestone levels increased similarly among subspecialties for most EPAs compared with the reference, Adolescent Medicine. Mean subcompetency milestones mapped to each EPA and mean EPA LOS ratings generally increased by training year across all subspecialties.

CONCLUSIONS: Subcompetency milestones levels mapped to each Common Subspecialty EPA and the EPA LOS ratings increase similarly across subspecialties and by training year, providing validity evidence for using EPA LOS to assess pediatric subspecialty trainee performance. This study supports the development of tools to facilitated the CCC evaluation process across all pediatric subspecialties.

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Acad Pediatr





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clinical competence; graduate medical education; pediatrics; subspecialties

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