The SPN Pediatric Nursing Excellence Model: Differentiating pediatrics.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.pedn.2022.09.022


The question of what makes an "excellent" pediatric nurse has been asked frequently by both pediatric and non-pediatric nurses for many years. Longevity in the practice setting, increased formal education in the care of children and families, positive satisfaction surveys post encounter, quantity of professional presentations and publications, and specialty certification are often listed when discussing pediatric nursing excellence. However, pediatric nursing excellence (PNE) is not well defined. Current recognition mechanisms such as clinical ladders, Magnet© and Pathways© programs, and Benner's stages of clinical competence are not specific for pediatric nursing practice. Once the characteristics of pediatric nursing excellence are determined, they can be used as the basis for identifying pediatric-specific quality indicators. In 2020, SPN initiated a project to define the construct of "pediatric nursing excellence". Two years later, SPN published its Pediatric Nursing Excellence Model, consisting of a visual depiction accompanied by definitions of 16 concepts that comprise the PNE Model. This article presents the five stages of the development process, the components of a model of pediatric nursing excellence, and the potential uses of such a model.

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Journal of pediatric nursing



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Model development; Nursing excellence; Pediatrics

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