Moving toward standardization: physician reporting of sleep studies.

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DOI: 10.5664/jcsm.10442


UNLABELLED: Detailed primary data collected from sleep studies should lead to specific and clear reports with evidence-based clinical recommendations that, when introduced by sleep medicine specialists, create a window of opportunity to support our non-sleep medicine referring teams and to engage patients and caregivers in their care as recipients of the reports. This is how sleep study reporting differs from other test reports; currently, there is wide variation in how the data collected are presented and summarized. The goal of this document is to offer recommendations for structured reporting of sleep studies. We offer a practical, complete, and relevant document and a structure that can be implemented across sleep centers nationwide and does not burden the interpreter. We anticipate some readers will opine that some of the content is beyond the scope of what the interpreter physician needs to include, while others will propose missing data that they feel should have been included. We feel that the flexibility of the proposal accommodates for this and allows for a "first step" toward standardization of physician reporting of sleep studies. High-quality structured reporting of sleep studies is becoming ever more important for patient care, benefiting patients, caregivers, clinicians, durable medical equipment companies, and payers.

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J Clin Sleep Med





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Humans; Polysomnography; Reference Standards; Durable Medical Equipment


Multiple Sleep Latency Test; home sleep apnea test; polysomnogram; recommendations; report; sleep study

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