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DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-067391


INTRODUCTION: Infants born with critical congenital heart defects (CCHDs) have unique transitional pathophysiology that often requires special resuscitation and management considerations in the delivery room (DR). While much is known about neonatal resuscitation of infants with CCHDs, current neonatal resuscitation guidelines such as the neonatal resuscitation programme (NRP) do not include algorithm modifications or education specific to CCHDs. The implementation of CCHD specific neonatal resuscitation education is further hampered by the large number of healthcare providers (HCPs) that need to be reached. Online learning modules (eLearning) may provide a solution but have not been designed or tested for this specific learning need. Our objective in this study is to design targeted eLearning modules for DR resuscitation of infants with specific CCHDs and compare HCP knowledge and team performance in simulated resuscitations among HCPs exposed to these modules compared with directed CCHD readings.

METHODS AND ANALYSIS: In a prospective multicentre trial, HCP proficient in standard NRP education curriculum are randomised to either (a) directed CCHD readings or (b) CCHD eLearning modules developed by the study team. The efficacy of these modules will be evaluated using (a) individual preknowledge/postknowledge testing and (b) team-based resuscitation simulations.

ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: This study protocol is approved by nine participating sites: the Boston Children's Hospital Institutional Review Board (IRB-P00042003), University of Alberta Research Ethics Board (Pro00114424), the Children's Wisconsin IRB (1760009-1), Nationwide Children's Hospital IRB (STUDY00001518), Milwaukee Children's IRB (1760009-1) and University of Texas Southwestern IRB (STU-2021-0457) and is under review at following sites: University of Cincinnati, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and Children's Mercy-Kansas City. Study results will be disseminated to participating individuals in a lay format and presented to the scientific community at paediatric and critical care conferences and published in relevant peer-reviewed journals.

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NEONATOLOGY; Neonatal intensive & critical care; Paediatric cardiology


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