Standardization of Fertility Preservation Discussion Among Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Patients: A Single Institution Experience.

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DOI: 10.1089/jayao.2022.0003


Purpose: Infertility is an impactful late effect of cancer therapy. Options for fertility preservation exist, however, barriers remain. Within our division, we lacked a standard approach to discussing fertility preservation. Methods: During the time period of 2014-2020, a fertility preservation program was developed with program improvements implemented over time and provider comfort with fertility identified and addressed through educational intervention. To evaluate how our improvements affected frequency of documented reproductive health discussions, 474 pubertal pediatric patients with new oncological diagnoses were reviewed. Descriptive analysis of sociodemographic determinants was performed. Results: One hundred seventy-five patients met inclusion criteria. Racial/ethnic composition was similar in those receiving and not receiving a fertility consult. Although 19.3% of Caucasians pursued fertility preservation, none of the eight African Americans or five Hispanic females did. Division feedback identified a lack of knowledge regarding available fertility preservation options and diagnoses that should prompt this conversation as barriers to the consulting fertility preservation team. Pre- and posteducation assessments demonstrated increased comfort in discussing fertility preservation and knowledge regarding diagnoses at higher risk of infertility. Integration of a standardized fertility preservation process and addressing barriers identified led to a 33.6% increase in fertility discussions. Conclusion: The establishment of a fertility preservation process and team and division-wide education has led to improvement in rates of fertility discussion in pediatric and adolescent and young adult cancer patients. Similar to young adult data, our data suggest that some racial health disparities may exist in the utilization of fertility preservation in the pediatric oncology population.

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J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol





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Female; Adolescent; Young Adult; Humans; Child; Fertility Preservation; Neoplasms; Infertility; Medical Oncology; Reference Standards


fertility preservation; pediatric oncology; quality improvement; standardization; survivorship

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