Nutritional management of children with acute kidney injury-clinical practice recommendations from the Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce.

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DOI: 10.1007/s00467-023-05884-3


The nutritional management of children with acute kidney injury (AKI) is complex. The dynamic nature of AKI necessitates frequent nutritional assessments and adjustments in management. Dietitians providing medical nutrition therapies to this patient population must consider the interaction of medical treatments and AKI status to effectively support both the nutrition status of patients with AKI as well as limit adverse metabolic derangements associated with inappropriately prescribed nutrition support. The Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce (PRNT), an international team of pediatric renal dietitians and pediatric nephrologists, has developed clinical practice recommendations (CPR) for the nutritional management of children with AKI. We address the need for intensive collaboration between dietitians and physicians so that nutritional management is optimized in line with AKI medical treatments. We focus on key challenges faced by dietitians regarding nutrition assessment. Furthermore, we address how nutrition support should be provided to children with AKI while taking into account the effect of various medical treatment modalities of AKI on nutritional needs. Given the poor quality of evidence available, a Delphi survey was conducted to seek consensus from international experts. Statements with a low grade or those that are opinion-based must be carefully considered and adapted to individual patient needs, based on the clinical judgment of the treating physician and dietitian. Research recommendations are provided. CPRs will be regularly audited and updated by the PRNT.

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Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany)





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Humans; Child; Kidney; Acute Kidney Injury; Nutritional Support; Nutritional Status; Nutrition Assessment


Acute kidney injury; Clinical practice recommendations; Continuous kidney replacement therapy; Nutrition; Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce

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