Hot Yoga During Pregnancy: A Mixed-Methods Study Examining Perspectives of Studio Management.

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DOI: 10.17761/2023-D-22-00083


Research provides evidence on the benefits and safety of prenatal yoga as well as hot yoga among nonpregnant individuals. However, limited literature on hot yoga during pregnancy exists. The present study aims to (1) describe knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of hot yoga studio management regarding hot yoga during pregnancy; and (2) examine how management teams rank the credibility of information sources (e.g., obstetricians) regarding the safety of hot yoga during pregnancy. Inclusion criteria included being at least 18 years of age and on the management team at a U.S. hot yoga studio. Studios were recruited via emails from publicly accessible websites of major hot yoga studio communities. Thirty-five participants completed a cross-sectional online survey addressing the study aims, and 10 (28.57%) participants reported trying hot yoga themselves while pregnant. Participants reported a median of 4 (interquartile range 1.5-8.5) pregnant individuals at their studio in the past year. All participants reported at least one hot yoga class type that they would recommend to pregnant individuals. Three qualitative themes emerged regarding deciding whether a pregnant individual may practice hot yoga: (1) integration of healthcare and individual knowledge, (2) emphasis on prior practice, and (3) individual bodily intuition and choice. Obstetricians were ranked the highest for credibility, although inferential tests suggested that their rankings were equivalent to those for academic journals, one's own knowledge/experiences, and a friend/acquaintance who had practiced hot yoga during pregnancy. These findings suggest recommendations for future yoga teacher trainings to include specific needs and considerations for pregnant individuals who choose to practice hot yoga.

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Int J Yoga Therap





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Female; Pregnancy; Humans; Yoga; Cross-Sectional Studies; Electronic Mail; Friends; Health Facilities


hot yoga; obstetrics; pregnancy; prenatal yoga; yoga

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