Case conceptualization and assessment

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This chapter provides an evidence-based guide to psychosocial assessment and case conceptualization of youth living with gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. It highlights important domains of functioning and validated measures and screeners to consider when developing an assessment strategy for these youth. These issues can, and should, be routinely assessed via a clinical interview and/or validated screeners or brief checklists. Paper-and-pencil or electronically administered measures and screeners are yet another important aspect of assessment best practice in pediatric GI practice and are described in greater detail below. As such, assessment measures should not be interpreted in isolation and instead be considered in combination with a clinical interview, observations, and medical examination. As example, a pediatric GI mental health professional might start by addressing parental responses to a child's pain (e.g., illness encouragement, catastrophizing), since this is intended to shift the focus from disability to wellness and translate into more positive coping behaviors in the child.

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Pediatric Psychogastroenterology

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