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DOI: 10.1186/s13012-023-01325-9; PMCID: PMC10696656


BACKGROUND: Fall prevention alarms are commonly used among US hospitals as a fall prevention strategy despite limited evidence of effectiveness. Further, fall prevention alarms are harmful to healthcare staff (e.g., alarm fatigue) and patients (e.g., sleep disturbance, mobility restriction). There is a need for research to develop and test strategies for reducing use of fall prevention alarms in US hospitals.

METHODS: To address this gap, we propose testing the effectiveness and implementation of Alarm with Care, a de-implementation strategy to reduce fall prevention alarm use using a stepped-wedge randomized controlled trial among 30 adult medical or medical surgical units from nonfederal US acute care hospitals. Guided by the Choosing Wisely De-Implementation Framework, we will (1) identify barriers to fall prevention alarm de-implementation and develop tailored de-implementation strategies for each unit and (2) compare the implementation and effectiveness of high- versus low-intensity coaching to support site-specific de-implementation of fall prevention alarms. We will evaluate effectiveness and implementation outcomes and examine the effect of multi-level (e.g., hospital, unit, and patient) factors on effectiveness and implementation. Rate of fall prevention alarm use is the primary outcome. Balancing measures will include fall rates and fall-related injuries. Implementation outcomes will include feasibility, acceptability, appropriateness, and fidelity.

DISCUSSION: Findings from this line of research could be used to support scale-up of fall prevention alarm de-implementation in other healthcare settings. Further, research generated from this proposal will advance the field of de-implementation science by determining the extent to which low-intensity coaching is an effective and feasible de-implementation strategy.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: identifier: NCT06089239 . Date of registration: October 17, 2023.

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Humans; Hospitals; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic


Choosing wisely; De-implementation; Fall prevention; Hospital falls; Inpatient falls; Low-value care; Nursing care


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