Development of Scholarship Core Competencies for Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Programs.

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DOI: 10.1542/hpeds.2023-007360


The Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) Fellowship Directors, recent fellowship graduates, and senior leaders in PHM have long identified training in scholarly activities as a key educational priority for fellowship training programs. We led a 2-day conference funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to develop scholarship core competencies for PHM fellows. Participants included fellowship directors, national experts in PHM research, and representatives from key stakeholder organizations. Through engagement in large group presentations and small group iterative feedback and editing, participants created and refined a set of scholarship core competencies. After the conference, goals and objectives were edited and harmonized by conference leaders incorporating feedback from conference participants. Core competency development included 7 domains: (1) study design and execution, (2) data management, (3) principles of analytics, (4) critical appraisal of the medical literature, (5) ethics and responsible conduct of research, (6) peer review, dissemination, and funding, and (7) professionalism and leadership. Specific objectives for each goal were further organized into 3 levels to indicate core skills for all fellowship trainees (level 1), specialized and specific skills determined by fellow scholarly focus (level 2), and advanced skills for fellows interested in a clinical investigator career path (level 3). These newly developed scholarship core competencies provide a foundation for curricular development and implementation to ensure that the field continues to expand academically, given the 2-year training period and variable infrastructure across programs.

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Hosp Pediatr





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Fellowships and Scholarships; Pediatric Hospitals; Graduate Medical Education; Hospital Medicine; Curriculum

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