Duodenal Atresia Repair: A Single-Center Comparative Study.

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DOI: 10.1177/00031348231180910


BACKGROUND: The use of laparoscopy in the repair of duodenal atresia has been increasing. However, there is no consensus regarding which surgical approach has better outcomes. We aimed to compare the different surgical approaches and types of anastomoses for duodenal atresia repair.

METHODS: Patients who underwent duodenal atresia repair at a single pediatric center were identified between January 2006 and June 2022. Those with concomitant gastrointestinal anomalies or who required other simultaneous operations were excluded. The primary outcome was rate of complications, defined as rate of leak, stricture, and re-operation by surgical approach and technique of anastomosis.

RESULTS: A total of 78 patients were included. The majority were female (51.3%, n = 40), with a median age of 4 days (IQR 3.0,8.0) and a median weight of 2.7 kg (IQR 2.2,3.3) at repair. The re-operation rate was 7.7% (n = 6), of which two were anastomotic leaks, and four were anastomotic strictures. The leak rate was 5.6% (n = 1/18) for the open handsewn and 4.8% (n = 1/21) for the laparoscopic handsewn technique. The stricture rate was 12.5% (n = 1/8) for the laparoscopic-assisted handsewn, 9.1% (n = 2/22) for the laparoscopic U-clip, 4.8% (n = 1/21) for the laparoscopic handsewn, and none with laparoscopic stapled and laparoscopic converted to open handsewn techniques. No differences were found in complication rate when controlling for surgical approach.

CONCLUSION: The method of surgical approach did not affect the outcomes or complications in the repair of duodenal atresia.

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Child; Humans; Male; Female; Constriction, Pathologic; Retrospective Studies; Duodenal Obstruction; Intestinal Atresia; Anastomotic Leak; Anastomosis, Surgical; Treatment Outcome; Postoperative Complications


anastomosis; duodenal atresia; laparoscopy; outcomes; surgical technique

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