Creating Healing-Centered Spaces for Intimate Partner Violence Survivors in the Postpartum Unit: Examining Current Practices and Desired Resources Among Health Care Providers and Postpartum People.

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DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2023.0347


Background: Intimate partner violence (IPV) has negative health impacts for pregnant people and their infants. Although inpatient postpartum units offer an opportunity to provide support and resources for IPV survivors and their families, to our knowledge, such interventions exist. The goal of this study is to explore (1) how IPV is currently discussed with postpartum people in the postpartum unit; (2) what content should be included and how an IPV intervention should be delivered; (3) how best to support survivors who disclose IPV; and (4) implementation barriers and facilitators. Materials and Methods: We used individual, semistructured interviews with postpartum people and health care providers (HCPs). Interview transcripts were coded and analyzed using an inductive-deductive thematic analysis. Results: While HCPs reported using a variety of practices to support survivors, postpartum people reported that they did not recall receiving resources or education related to IPV while in the inpatient postpartum unit. While HCPs identified a need for screening and disclosure-driven resource provision, postpartum people identified a need for universal IPV resource provision in the postpartum unit to postpartum people and their partners. Participants identified several barriers (i.e., staff capacity, education already provided in the postpartum unit, and COVID-19 pandemic) and facilitators (i.e., continuity of care, various HCPs) to supporting survivors in the postpartum unit. Conclusion: The inpatient postpartum unit is a promising setting to implement an intervention to support IPV survivors and their infants. Future research and intervention development should focus on facilitating universal education and promoting resource provision to IPV survivors.

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Journal of women's health (2002)





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Female; Pregnancy; Humans; Pandemics; Intimate Partner Violence; Survivors; Health Personnel; Postpartum Period


domestic violence; intimate partner violence; postpartum; prevention

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