Self-Reported Sexual Behavior of Transgender Youth.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.jpag.2023.12.003


INTRODUCTION: Research indicates that transgender/gender diverse (TGD) youth are more likely to engage in sexual behavior, have more sexual partners, and initiate sexual behavior earlier than their cisgender peers. However, no gender-inclusive self-report survey questionnaires (ie, those that do not assume the gender of sexual partners or body parts used for sex) exist to assess the sexual behavior of TGD youth. The current study illustrates a questionnaire with nuanced wording to more accurately portray the sexual behavior of TGD youth presenting for gender-affirming medical care compared with national adolescent norms.

METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted of 323 youth, ages 13-18, presenting to a pediatric gender clinic between 2015 and 2021. The youth self-reported their gender identity (ie, masculine, feminine, gender queer, questioning/unsure), sexual behaviors, and partners via a REDCAP survey.

RESULTS: Rates of dating among TGD youth were significantly lower than national norms (33.7% vs 68.3%; χ2= 172.644, P < .0001), as was sexual behavior (14.9% vs. 39.5% χ2= 80.419, P < .0001). Rates of self-reported involuntary sexual activity among TGD youth did not differ significantly from national norms (7.1% vs. 6.9%, ns). The body parts used for sex, the number of sexual partners, and the gender identity of sexual partners are reported.

DISCUSSION: The results suggest that rates of dating and sexual behavior among TGD youth are significantly lower than national norms, supporting a need for screening of sexual health among TGD youth utilizing gender-inclusive measures. A standardized gender-inclusive questionnaire of sexual behavior is needed to improve data accuracy and help develop inclusive programs to address the sexual health needs of TGD youth.

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Journal of pediatric and adolescent gynecology





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Humans; Adolescent; Male; Transgender Persons; Self Report; Sexual Behavior; Female; Retrospective Studies; Surveys and Questionnaires; Sexual Partners; Gender Identity; Adolescent Behavior


Dating; Gender dysphoria; Gender-inclusive; Sexual behavior; Transgender

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