Expert Consensus on Pediatric Urodynamics Reporting Using Modified Delphi Technique.

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DOI: 10.1097/JU.0000000000004000


PURPOSE: Urodynamic testing (UDS) is an important tool in the management of pediatric lower urinary tract conditions. There have been notable efforts to standardize pediatric UDS nomenclature and technique, but no formal guidelines exist on essential elements to include in a clinical report. We sought to identify ideal structure and elements of a pediatric UDS assessment based on expert consensus.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pediatric urologists regularly performing UDS were queried using a Delphi process. Participants were invited representing varied geographic, experience, and societal involvement. Participants underwent 3 rounds of questionnaires between November 2022 and August 2023 focusing on report organization, elements, definitions, and automated electronic health record clinical decision support. Professional billing requirements were also considered. Consensus was defined as 80% agreeing either in favor of or against a topic. Elements without consensus were discussed in subsequent rounds.

RESULTS: A diverse sample of 30 providers, representing 27 institutions across 21 US states; Washington, District of Columbia; and Canada completed the study. Participants reported interpreting an average number of 5 UDS reports per week (range 1-22). The finalized consensus report identifies 93 elements that should be included in a pediatric UDS report based on applicable study conditions and findings.

CONCLUSIONS: This consensus report details the key elements and structure agreed upon by an expert panel of pediatric urologists. Further standardization of documentation should aid collaboration and research for patients undergoing UDS. Based on this information, development of a standardized UDS report template using electronic health record implementation principles is underway, which will be openly available for pediatric urologists.

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The Journal of urology





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