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Have you ever found yourself in a formal or informal leadership role and felt underprepared because of a lack of formal leadership training? Have you noticed unused potential in those around you and wondered how you maximize it? As academic pediatricians, we are identified as leaders by patients and their families, trainees of all levels, members of our multi-disciplinary care teams, and our peers. We are a group of passionate clinician educators who have found ourselves in both formal and informal leadership roles and have found success in these roles with leadership training. Our interactive workshop will give you the tools necessary to lead trainees and colleagues successfully through challenging situations by introducing you to renowned leadership paradigms and helping you to apply these techniques to your roles through self-reflection. We intend to teach this in a way that keeps you mindful of well-intentioned missteps in which we accidentally undermine the intelligence and talents of those around us. After we identify these common subversive actions, we will apply leadership frameworks to overcome them so we can maximize our teams' potential and success.

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Leadership Studies | Pediatrics

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Presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2023 Meeting; Washington, D.C.; April 27-May 1, 2023.

Leadership Across the Career Continuum: Using Self-Reflection Effective Leadership Practices for Optimal Team Functioning