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The Team for Infants Exposed to Substance abuse (TIES) Program is a longstanding home-based family support program in the Social Work Department that provides a multi-disciplinary, community-based model to address the complex needs of families with young children affected by maternal substance use. TIES developers have created and psychometrically validated a comprehensive tool, the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) goal attainment scale, to assess outcomes in key domains: reduction in maternal substance use, positive parenting, child and maternal health, and income and housing stability.

A virtually interactive poster was presented at the National Research Center for Early Childhood (NRCEC) in December 2020. The poster covers a brief summary of the TIES Program, including its defining characteristics; development of the IFSP goal attainment scale and identification of its key domains; how the goal attainment scale is administered and scored; the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis conducted to validate the scale for the service population; successful program outcomes as identified by the goal attainment scale; and ongoing research and evaluation efforts underway to demonstrate the effectiveness of the TIES Program.

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A New, Validated Assessment Tool Demonstrates Positive Outcomes In Home Visiting Model For Families Affected By Maternal Substance Use



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