Works from 2023

Broadening the Definition of Moral Injury: Ethical Implications for Clinical Practice, R. Dawn Hood-Patterson and Joshua Morris (Podcast)


Spiritual support of transgender individuals: a literature review., Seth Sonnevile (Article)

Works from 2021


Gender-affirming care in the midwest: Reaching rural populations, Jonathan Poquiz, Christine Moser, Frances Grimstad, Kathryn Boman, Seth Sonnevile, Angela L. Turpin, and Anna Egan (Article)

Works from 2012


Living on a prayer: religious affiliation and trauma outcomes., Amal Khoury, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, Leia Harbour, Edward E. Cornwell, Suryanarayana M. Siram, Thomas Mellman, and Wendy R. Greene (Article)

Works from 2003


Sharing Information with Our Peers; What Works, What Doesn't, Brenda R. Pfannenstiel MALS, MA, AHIP (Article)