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Fever after redo Nissen fundoplication with hiatal hernia repair.
Nicole E. Sharp, Hanna Alemayehu, Amita Desai, George W. Holcomb III, and Shawn D. St Peter

Radiation exposure - how do CT scans for appendicitis compare between a free standing children's hospital and non-dedicated pediatric facilities?
Nicole E. Sharp, Maneesha U. Raghavan, Wendy J. Svetanoff, Priscilla T. Thomas, Susan W. Sharp, James C. Brown, Douglas C. Rivard, Shawn D. St Peter, and George W. Holcomb III


Facilitating the everyday steward: Impact of mandatory antimicrobial indication/duration and a 48 hour time out
Ann L. Wirtz, Alaina N. Burns, Brian R. Lee, Tammy Frank, Laura Fitzmaurice, Richard Ogden, Brian O'Neal, and Jennifer Goldman


Children's Mercy Annual Report 2017
Children's Mercy Hospital

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