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Peer Accountability Improves Performance for Daily CHG Bathing to Reduce CLABSIs
Sara Crawford, Stacy Pennington, Jeremy Affolter, Kathlyn Baharaeen, Paul N. Bauer, Tara Benton, Shekinah Hensley, Tiffany Mullen, and Michelle Waddell


Partnering with Inpatient Situation Awareness Screening to Improve Early Sepsis Recognition
Leslie Hueschen, Stephanie Burrus, Andrea Raymond, Charity Thompson, Lisa Carney, and Jay Rilinger


Allergic Diseases and Internalizing Behaviors in Early Childhood.
Maya K. Nanda, Grace K. LeMasters, Linda Levin, Marc E. Rothenberg, Amal H. Assa'ad, Nicholas Newman, David Bernstein, Gurjit Khurana-Hershey, James E. Lockey, and Patrick H. Ryan


Fever after redo Nissen fundoplication with hiatal hernia repair.
Nicole E. Sharp, Hanna Alemayehu, Amita Desai, George W. Holcomb III, and Shawn D. St Peter

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