Our History

Thomas McCormally wrote a book describing 120 years of Children's Mercy history, published in 2017.

"For All Children Everywhere" is the story of Children’s Mercy and a story of unending love and persistence on the part of two sisters – Alice Berry Graham, a dentist, and Katharine Berry Richardson, a surgeon - the people who followed them and of the community that took their mission into its heart. Today, 12 decades after its humble start as “The Hospital of the Little People,” Children’s Mercy still brings healing to the poor, but also hope to all children and all families of the city and the region.

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Archives from 2000


Dr. Pettett Discovers More About Children's Mercy Founders, Gary Pettett

Archives from 1933


Katharine Berry Richardson certificate of death, Missouri State Board of Health

Archives from 1929


Mercy's Messenger September 1929, Katharine B. Richardson

Archives from 1927

The Pediatric Department of Wheatley-Provident Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, J. Edward Perry

Archives from 1917


Mercy's Messenger January 1917, Katharine B. Richardson

Archives from 1913


Alice Berry Graham certificate of death, Missouri State Board of Health


Mercy's Messenger May 1913, Alice A. Graham

Archives from 1910


Alice Berry Graham portrait, Children's Mercy Hospital


Katharine Berry Richardson MD, Children's Mercy Hospital

Archives from 1887


Puerperal Troubles, Katharine Berry Richardson