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DOI: 10.1186/s13104-018-3857-9; PMCID: PMC6198531


OBJECTIVE: Data on early miscarriage incidence is limited due to various social and methodological barriers. We report on 24-month pregnancy outcomes of 299 female Ugandan HIV clients in committed relationships with an intention to conceive. Miscarriage data are reported as auxiliary findings to a larger study (5R01HD072633).

RESULTS: 127 (42%) participants reported a pregnancy during the study; among the remaining 172, 82 indicated they stopped trying to conceive, and 16 dropped out prior to month 24. Of the 127 pregnancies, 55 (43%) resulted in live births, 67 (53%) in spontaneous miscarriage, 1 (< 1%) in stillbirth, 1 (< 1%) in abortion, and 3 (2%) in unknown outcomes. Three-quarters (75%) of miscarriages for which time until miscarriage was available were reported to occur in the first trimester (mean = 11.3 weeks gestation). The 67 participants who reported a miscarriage tended to be older (mean 33 vs. 30 years), but the significance of age did not persist after adjusting for multiple tests. We observed relatively low rates of pregnancy and high rates of miscarriage among this cohort of HIV-positive women wanting to conceive. Rigorously designed studies are needed to better understand the observed high rate of early miscarriage among HIV-infected women.

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Abortion, Spontaneous; Adolescent; Adult; Female; HIV Infections; Humans; Live Birth; Middle Aged; Pregnancy; Pregnancy Rate; Stillbirth; Uganda; Young Adult


Early miscarriage; HIV; Miscarriage; Pregnancy outcomes; Serodiscordant; Uganda


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