Collaborative, multidisciplinary treatment

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This chapter focuses on the "how to" of launching and evolving a multidisciplinary approach to care across pediatric GI conditions based on four distinct but related phases. Vital to keep at the forefront in this phase is the understanding that when mental health professionals take on youth with GI conditions, it comes with the responsibility to identify and treat relevant factors that can affect outcomes. Western medicine has long embraced a biomedical perspective that separates the mind and body when understanding and treating illness or disease. In practical terms, this drives physicians to search for organic causes initially and refer to a mental health professional only if no organic cause can satisfactorily account for a youth's physical symptoms. Nursing should also be added to this list, as nurses are typically the primary point of contact between visits and are thus well situated to develop ongoing youth/family relationships.

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Pediatric Psychogastroenterology

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