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Time spent waiting in the urgent care clinic is dissatisfying for patient and staff. This "wasted time" accounted for more than 52% of the urgent care visit at our urgent care.

The aim of our project is to decrease length of stay by 10 minutes by April 30, 2019 for all patients discharged from Blue Valley Urgent Care by offering patients a paperless depart process. To be eligible for discharge without paper families must be enrolled in the online patient portal.

Electronic discharge instructions significantly decrease length of stay and is associated with improved patient experience scores. Patients who received hardcopy discharge instructions also had short median LOS, likely due to overall improved urgent care workflow with the use of the portal.

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Ambulatory Care Facilities; Hospitals, Pediatric; Patient Discharge; Patient Portals; Length of Stay; Quality Improvement


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Decreasing Length of Stay in Pediatric Urgent Care with Electronic Discharge Instructions