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Introduction: The pediatric residency curriculum at Children’s Mercy Hospital is standardized to offer each trainee the same rotational experience. As a result, each resident spends one month on the inpatient gastroenterology (GI) service during training. This invites variability in the quantity and quality of GI education that residents receive. Therefore, there is a need to design a standard curriculum to provide comprehensive GI education. The aim of this project is to standardize resident education by identifying most requested topics and providing didactic education to increase resident general GI knowledge. Methods: Each month, residents were provided with a survey to assess comfort level in taking care of GI patients and writing total parenteral nutrition (TPN) orders, along with requesting their most desired didactic topics. These topics were then prioritized to occur as early in the month as possible. A similar survey was provided at the end of the month to measure the experience received. Results: 16 residents were surveyed between July 2020 and March 2021. The mean reported level of general GI knowledge at the start of the month was 4.0 and increased to 7.2 at the end of the month. TPN knowledge was rated a mean of 4.6 at the beginning of the service month and increased to a mean of 6.2 at the end of the service month. Using a pareto diagram (figure 1), it was determined that inflammatory bowel disease teaching and TPN teaching were among the most requested topics, along with short bowel syndrome and indications for endoscopy. The monthly curriculum was built to incorporate these four topics along with other highly requested teaching as early in the rotation as possible. Conclusion/Discussion: Our QI project has helped to standardize the education that all residents receive while on the GI inpatient service by identifying the most highly demanded teaching topics and prioritizing them early in each service month to meet their educational goals. Further investigation into the impact of these changes is necessary, including continued assessment of resident knowledge/comfort metrics between the start and end of each service month as well as resident satisfaction with the standardized teaching model.


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Presented at the Virtual NASPGHAN (North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition) Annual Meeting, Postgraduate Course and Single Topic Symposium were held live December 12-18, 2021.

Standardizing Resident Education on GI service