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Background: Children’s High Acuity Monitoring Program (CHAMP®) is a software platform for pediatric remote patient monitoring. It is used with a proactive, personalized, pediatric care model providing a link for communication with a specialized healthcare team to patients and families in their homes. Successful implementation since 2014 includes: adoption at 12 pediatric hospitals and over 870 infants with a survival of 96.5% (down from 20% in 2012). This work led our team to engage leadership to discuss a remote patient monitoring department with new monitoring devices and expanded access to pediatric conditions.

Methods: Strategic Planning and Innovation facilitated navigation of an enterprise-wide endeavor over an 18-month period. Closed loop feedback with the administrative, clinical, information systems, and research teams ended with a well-rounded proposal for an innovative strategic initiative.

Results: Remote Health Solutions department was founded in September 2021 with a focus on integration of digital health and mobile applications, hardware, software platforms and wearable sensors to improve the healthcare team’s ability to provide personalized, proactive patient care. The team has three active feasibility studies for pediatric monitoring devices, four analyses from the Cardiac CHAMP registry, performs consults on remote monitoring facilitation with care teams, and is expanding CHAMP application use into additional clinical pediatric areas.

Conclusions: The forward movement of pediatric remote health stands at a precipice of opportunity within the landscape of mobile devices and applications in advancing pediatric medicine and outcomes. This project magnifies opportunities for evidence-based innovative pediatric care models, especially in the midst of the pandemic.


Health and Medical Administration | Health Information Technology | Pediatrics


Presented at the European Academy of Pediatric Societies 2022 Conference; Barcelona, Spain; October 7-11, 2022.

Mobile Health Software Platform Implementation to Improve Pediatric Remote Patient Monitoring Outcomes