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Delayed eruption of permanent teeth can be caused by numerous factors including nutritional deficiencies, tooth positioning, presence of supernumerary tooth, or presence of a cyst impeding eruption. The keys to identifying the cause of delayed eruption are good clinical and radiographic exam, along with obtaining a complete and accurate history from the patient and parent. This case report details a 10-year-old female presenting to the Children’s Mercy Kansas City Dental Clinic with chief concern for an unerupted upper anterior tooth. The patient’s medical history is noncontributory, and she has no known allergies. This case report will include the patient’s clinical and radiographic exam, differential diagnosis, and appropriate referral for definitive care.


Pediatric Dentistry and Pedodontics


Presented at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Conference; Orlando, FL; May 25-28, 2023.

Clinical Presentation and Differential Diagnosis of a 10-year-old Presenting with Unerupted Maxillary Central Incisor: A Case Report.