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A solitary median maxillary incisor (SMMCI) is a rare anomaly that affects approximately 1:50,000 live births. The presence of an SMMCI tooth may be an isolated finding or may be associated with other anomalies such as Holoprosencephaly (HPE). Early recognition of SMMCIS is important given the possibility of other associated findings that may impact pediatric growth and development. The purpose of this clinical case is to report the clinical findings associated with a nine-month-old patient who presented to our clinics with a primary solitary median maxillary incisor and a diagnosis of HPE. This presentation will review the literature regarding the medical and dental findings associated with HPE and will discuss strategies for appropriately diagnosing and managing care for such patients.


Pediatric Dentistry and Pedodontics


Presented at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Conference; Orlando, FL; May 25-28, 2023.

Solitary Median Maxillary Incisor and Holoprosencephaly: A review of the literature