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Soft-tissue lesions in children present with a wide range of etiologies, including those related to normal development, underlying systemic illness and/or those associated with benign or malignant tumors1 . In children and adolescents, the most common soft tissue lesions include, aphthae, fibromas, papillomas, pyogenic granulomas and traumatic lesions all of which may present on the hard palate.2 This case report details a 12-year-old female presenting to Children’s Mercy Dental Clinic with a chief complaint of a flesh-colored nodular sessile lesion visualized on the anterior hard palate, directly posterior to teeth #8 and #9. The patient’s medical history is non-contributory, and she has no known allergies. The purpose of this report is to present the relevant patient findings noted in this case including the clinical and radiographic exam, differential diagnosis, and referral for definitive treatment. A literature review of intra-oral soft tissue lesions in pediatric patients will also be presented.


Pediatric Dentistry and Pedodontics


Presented at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) 2024 Meeting; May 23-26; 2024; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Differential Diagnosis of a 12-year-old Presenting with a Nodular-Sessile Lesion on the Hard Palate: Review of literature and report of a case.