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Title: Use of personalized patient heart diagrams at the bedside to improve quality of care

Background/Introduction: With congenital heart disease no two hearts are exactly the same. Even with the same lesion, the anatomy of the heart can be completely different. In response to a bedside nursing idea following a cardiac arrest, advanced practice nurses (APN) initiated a program to provide personalized cardiac anatomy diagrams at the bedside of every patient on the cardiology service.

Methods: When a cardiac patient is admitted to cardiology floor, the nurse will check the patients chart for an anatomy picture, then will place the patient’s initials on a worklist for the APN if no picture is available. The APN is responsible for creating a personalized cardiac anatomy picture, delivering it to the bedside, and providing education to the nurse and the patient’s caregiver. The diagram is saved in the patients chart.

Results: This project started on October 24, 2016. Initially data was tracked to ensure that nurses were requesting the pictures in a timely matter. This data was reviewed with nursing staff daily at the shift huddles. Additionally, anatomy picture at bedside was added to the nursing admission checklist. The team reached 100% compliance consistently by May 2017. A post implementation survey was completed by 60% of the nursing staff.

Conclusion: The value added from providing personalized patient heart diagrams at the bedside is improved care of cardiac patients through understanding of cardiac lesions and hemodynamics, increased education to the multidisciplinary care team and caregivers, and overall improved quality of care overall for this unique patient population.

The next goal is to expand this project to other units including the intensive care unit, fetal health, and preadmission testing.

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Heart Defects, Congenital; Cardiology; Pediatrics; Quality Improvement; Pictorial Works; Pediatric Nursing


Congenital Heart disease; heart diagram; Quality Improvement; Nursing


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Use of Personalized Patient Heart Diagrams at the Bedside to Improve Quality of Care