Image Gently: Reducing Radiation Exposure in Children

Image Gently: Reducing Radiation Exposure in Children


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Michael Smith

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Doug Rivard, DO

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Children’s bodies are more sensitive to radiation so it is imperative that they are exposed to the least amount of radiation as possible to avoid a lifetime of cumulative damage.

Research conducted at Children’s Mercy showed the hospital uses up to 80% less radiation than community imaging centers for some procedures.

The hospital’s protocols are based on the child’s size and weight, and take into consideration the body part to be imaged.

In addition, a PhD medical physicist helps calibrate imaging equipment to provide high quality images using the least amount of radiation.

In addition to following national Image Gently guidelines, Children’s Mercy offers additional services such as Child Life specialists, sedation and anesthesia to help keep children calm so high quality images are achieved without the need to rescan.

Doug Rivard, DO is here to discuss how Children’s Mercy is leading the way toward reducing the radiation your child is exposed to and answer any questions about keeping your child safe.

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Image Gently: Reducing Radiation Exposure in Children