Is There a Role for Fecal Transplant in IBD?


Is There a Role for Fecal Transplant in IBD?


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Michael Smith

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Alka Goyal, MD

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Can an effective treatment for medically refractive Crohn’s disease be found in the gastrointestinal tract itself?

Dr. Alka Goyal with Children’s Mercy Kansas City is exploring the role of fecal transplant as a rescue therapy for patients whose inflammatory bowel disease has not responded to traditional treatment. Early research showed that a single transplant is relatively safe and can result in a short-term response in young patients with active IBD but doesn’t provide long-term relief. Now Dr. Goyal is launching a new study to help determine whether there is an advantage to a stronger induction phase for transplant, and any benefit to performing maintenance therapy for patients with Crohn’s.

Dr. Goyal highlights her research findings recently published in the IBD Journal, reviews her next study and the potential it holds for patients whose disease requires longer-term effective therapy.

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Is There a Role for Fecal Transplant in IBD?