Dialysis in Infants: Survival Rates on the Rise

Dialysis in Infants: Survival Rates on the Rise


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Michael Smith

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Bradley Warady, MD

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Historically, infants with end-stage renal disease who received dialysis in the first year of life have been less likely to survive or receive a kidney transplant compared with those who started dialysis later in childhood.

In a study published in the September 2015 issue of Pediatrics, Dr. Bradley Warady and colleagues looked at recent NAPRTCs data and found that survival and transplant rates have improved in recent years.

While the provision of chronic peritoneal dialysis to neonates and infants is by no means free of potential complications, improvements in medical and surgical care have resulted in greater patient survival on dialysis and greater access to successful kidney transplantation, according to Dr. Warady.

Dr. Warady is here to discuss dialysis in infants and how survival rates are on the rise.

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Dialysis in Infants: Survival Rates on the Rise