Publication Date

Fall 10-20-2019



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Mentor, Preceptor, Principle Investigator

Principle Investigators: Teresa Hickam and Kathy Smith


Research shows patients who develop self-health management skills are able to translate these skills in other life domains such as higher education, social interaction and employment. Persons with chronic health conditions or disabilities often face challenges securing employment which in turn impacts self sufficiency and long-term health. The poster focuses on two programs at Children's Mercy serving as key building blocks for adolescents to manage their lives.

MeSH Keywords

Disabled Persons; Self-Management; Chronic Disease; methods


self-management; self sufficency; teaching skills; transition-to-adulthood; employment; career planning


Counseling | Education | Medicine and Health Sciences | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Work

Teaching Skills for Self Sufficiency: Health Management for Patients with Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions



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