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Aim Statement

6 Hall will increase NDNQI RN-RN interaction scores from 5.06 to 5.45 to meet the 2019 National Magnet Facilities benchmark b August 1, 2019.

6 Hall Team Norms

  • We strive for excellence: our work is complex, mistakes will happen.
  • We provide timely (<1 >week) feedback, which includes positive, learning and interpersonal feedback.
  • We celebrate as a team and our environment feels like every individual matters.
  • When trust is broken, we ask ourselves: how did I contribute? What can I do to make it better? We are careful in not making assumptions.
  • Our behaviors are supportive and display respect.
  • We create a work environment that feels consistently awesome.

MeSH Keywords

Nurses, Pediatric; Hospitals, Pediatric; Personnel Turnover; Job Satisfaction; Quality Improvement


NDNQI; National Magnet Facilities Benchmark


Health and Medical Administration | Pediatric Nursing

6 Hall Team Norms: It's Our Patient