Podcasts from 2016

"What a Pain" - Appreciating Pediatric, Adolescent Lumbar Disc Herniation Pain, Michael Smith and John Anderson (Podcast)

Knee Injuries: When to Choose Operative Management, Michael Smith and Kevin Latz (Podcast)

EOS and 3D Modeling, Michael Smith and Nigel Price (Podcast)

MAGEC® Rod System: Minimally Invasive Approach to Pediatric Spinal Care, Michael Smith and Nigel Price (Podcast)

Screening for Early Detection and Treatment of Scoliosis, Michael Smith and Richard M. Schwend (Podcast)


To Cast, to Saw, and Not to Injure: Can Safety Strips Decrease Cast Saw Injuries?, Natalie C. Stork, Rachel L. Lenhart, Blaise A. Nemeth, Kenneth J. Noonan, and Matthew A. Halanski (Article)


Pregame Sore Throat, Postgame Intensive Care Unit., Natalie C. Stork and M Kyle Smoot (Article)


How does differential rod contouring contribute to 3-dimensional correction and affect the bone-screw forces in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis instrumentation?, Xiaoyu Wang, Laure Boyer, Franck Le Naveaux, Richard M. Schwend, and Carl-Eric Aubin (Article)

Works from 2015


Knee morphometric risk factors for acute anterior cruciate ligament injury in skeletally immature patients, Kenneth Aaron Shaw, Brian S. Dunoski, Neil J. Mardis, and Donna M. Pacicca (Article)

Concussion Treatment At Children's Mercy, Michael Smith and Greg Canty (Podcast)

Works from 2012


Bisphosphonates for pain management in children with benign cartilage tumors., Mark J. Winston, Tarak Srivastava, Dale E. Jarka, and Uri S. Alon (Article)

Works from 2011


Bone marrow cavity: A supportive environment for islet engraftment, Karen Kover, Pei Ying Tong, Donna M. Pacicca, Mark A. Clements, Ariel M. Bodker, Christine Eidson, Mary Sheldon, Audrey Southard, Adnan Zaidi, and Wayne V. Moore (Article)